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    Separate lanes for Cyclists & Electric Wheelers.
    05 May, 2017
    All old vehicles & goods vehicle
    18 April, 2017
    Stop Vehicles coming from Mother Teresa road when there is a Green signal for Vehicles coming from Lifestyle Signal towards Richmond circle.
    17 April, 2017
    Connect Ambulance with BTP Walkie Talkie
    16 April, 2017
    Unauthorised TT and minbus are a risk
    13 April, 2017
    Amani Bellandurkhane, varthur hobli, yemlur road
    05 April, 2017
    Pot holes, Illegal Parking, Uncovered Drains
    31 March, 2017
    Road connection from Kodichikkanahalli to B. R. Ambedkar should be closed.
    29 March, 2017
    Please construct road here
    24 March, 2017
    no roads in spring dale layout
    20 March, 2017
    Opposit to HAL Quarters , cross roads should be closed .
    18 March, 2017
    Appreciate the action of Closure of right turn on Outer Ring Road
    16 March, 2017
    Pot holes on Subramanyapura Road- URGENT
    16 March, 2017
    Non working of 2 Traffic signal posts in total
    16 March, 2017
    most of the time both side of the roads entry point are block by the parked two or four wheelers
    16 March, 2017
    Broken down truck
    16 March, 2017
    Silk board flyover - vehicle damage
    14 March, 2017
    Silk board terminal
    13 March, 2017
    Pathetic Road conditions
    09 March, 2017
    Large footpaths in TenderSure road work at Jayanagara
    08 March, 2017
    Usage of high beams
    07 March, 2017
    stopping of private cabs near outer ring road nagarbhavi
    07 March, 2017
    Need Mini Bus Service
    07 March, 2017
    Norbert Church Road
    03 March, 2017
    Traffic created by vehicles parked on KR road towards thyagarajanagar.
    03 March, 2017
    Many Heavy trucks and cranes parked on foot path
    01 March, 2017
    Bus Routes to Kambalipura via Shiddlaghatta Road
    27 February, 2017
    Congestion at Marathalli
    23 February, 2017
    Increase the number of ordinary buses
    20 February, 2017
    Poor Road Condition in Jigani area
    12 February, 2017
    Bus stands
    10 February, 2017
    Trucks Parking in front of More shopping in Nagavarpalya main road
    30 January, 2017
    Big buses plying through Kaggadaspura to CV raman nagar causing heavy traffic blocks
    30 January, 2017
    24 January, 2017
    Bus Routes to Kambalipura via Shiddlaghatta Road
    18 January, 2017
    Low Quality of Asphalting
    26 December, 2016
    Stopping vehicles near Esteem mall
    24 December, 2016
    Bommanahalli circle under the Flyover
    23 December, 2016
    esteem mall to hebbal bridge traffic
    17 December, 2016
    Road Condition
    15 December, 2016
    Road Condition
    15 December, 2016
    Very bad roads in Begur
    10 December, 2016
    S. M. Road off Tumkur Road is chronically pathetic
    09 December, 2016
    Road Condition
    05 December, 2016
    [ORR, Marathahalli] Private Buses causing traffic
    02 December, 2016
    Horrible traffic situation near silkboard
    30 November, 2016
    Bollards on footpaths
    30 November, 2016
    Pedestrain crossing required
    30 November, 2016
    parking vehicles in no parking section
    13 November, 2016
    Road divider on Saunders Road at night
    12 November, 2016
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